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  • Porcelains Made by the Lake Mud

    The vitality of a porcelain is given by the producers. They focus on every making process, like choosing the proper clay, woods and glazes as well as the firing control. Linghua, the porcelain artist living on the bank of the Taihu Lake, built a kiln according to the ancient method. She took the deep-water mud and fired the fruit branches, creatin…

  • Teaset: How to Smartly Use the Teacup and Teapot?

    Tea wares are usually refers to teapots, tea cups, bowls, sharing teacups and so on. A set of delicate tea ware matches a pot of fragrance tea, which not only gives a joyful moment for both friends and relatives, but also shows appreciation of art. Tea  teaboard Usually there are two kinds teaboards, respectively, container and pipe.…

  • A Tianmu Bowl Shows the Colorful Universe

    Tianmu bowls were born along with the show-off tea. Tianmu porcelains were flourishing in the Northern and Southern Song Dynasties and were stopped firing in the Ming Dynasty with short history of 500 years. Porcelains caught people's attention with elegance. Some evaluation was made for Jian bowls in the old books, like "tea bowls can be seen…


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