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  • The Most Mysterious Color - Secret Glaze

    The secret glaze is the most mysterious and legend glazing color in Chinese ceramic history. Using the name secret, on the one hand, it is because the technique of the glazing color is secret and it is dedicated for Tang emperor’s worshiping of Buddha; on the other hand, it is to express a kind of beauty which is beyond description. …

  • Legend of Porcelain - Blue and White Porcelain of Yuan Dynasty

        Blue and white porcelain changed its style in Yuan dynasty. It is featured with bright color, gorgeousness and vigorousness , bold style, a wide range of painting. Its unique technique changed the development of porcelain in the whole world.     Blue and white porcelain of Yuan dynasty is the integration of the rul…

  • Famous Longquan klin

        When we refer to the porcelain of old kiln, people tend to push the five famous kilns of Song dynasty.Longquan celadon began in the Northern Song Dynasty ,but it seems to be lower grade compared with the five famous kilns. In fact, ancient porcelain Longquan klin with good quality has always been loved by porcelain collectors. L…


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