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  • "If I don't go to fire porcelain, I'll go back to the countryside," said the porcelain man.

        The workman was a builder, and a canal. From ancient times, we always look up to the craftsman with infinite admiration. We called them “master", the artist, the craftsman in the porcelain manufacturing industry is known as the porcelain master.     Now under fast rhythm of production in the industrial age, every workman …

  • Various skills of firing porcelain in ancient times

        A lot of people have been wondering that the so-called china is only the bottles and jars fired by soil. Why is it so expensive and cost people a lot of money? Regardless of the pure artistic value, if we start with the origin of porcelain, its expensive is reasonable indeed. At least, the cost of the ancient kilns was absolutely bey…

  • Song huizong and song porcelain

    Emperor huizong in the song dynasty once had a dream of the sky blue color after the rain, then he woke up and asks to made sky blue porcelain. He vowed to let craftsmen fire that fascinating porcelain, finally the ruzhou craftsmen exceeds. From then on, there is more than one kind of porcelain that still in existence--ru kiln chinaware and azure …


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