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  • Spending 20 Years to Well Know Ru Kiln

    I encounter it just as I meet you in a late autumn many years ago.  Wood firing is a kind of ancient technique to fire porcelains. However, in fact it is very difficult to fire porcelains using the woods. Whether it is successful to fire porcelains used by woods or not depends on the relationship of earth, fire, wood, and kiln.  …

  • Hometown of Jun Porcelain----An Ancient Town

    The fire of Jun kiln has continued for thousands of years; and the Shenhou town has greatly influenced the world. Once you know Shenhou town, you will have a close relationship with it. As one of the several ancient towns with thousand years in the land of the China, Shenhou town is famous for its porcelains and its special firing techniques. Onc…

  • Fine Porcelain - Monochromatic Glaze

    As the mother of color porcelain, monochromatic glaze porcelain has a very important position in the history of porcelain development in China. Compared with the color glazed porcelain, monochromatic glaze porcelain is natural, simple and elegant, which is accepted as "girls from respectable families" in ceramics. Monochromatic glaze is also call…


Henan Global is an export E-commerce integrated services platform locates in Zhengzhou city, Henan province, China. We select hundreds of qualified porcelain factories from Chinese porcelain industry to market their ceramics to overseas market. We are fully authorized by those porcelain factories to realize their products’ online show and offline sales, besides the ceramics will be presented in our 11 overseas warehouses along the “The Belt and Road” countries. We supply those factories full overseas sales solution including product present, get order, settlement, customs clearance, drawback, logistics, credit insurance and financing.

Henan Global can supply variety of general ceramics for your option. We can supply the ceramic dinnerware, ceramic coffee & tea sets, ceramic kettle, etc daily use ceramics products. There are more than then styles and different craft ceramics for your choice. The material, shape, design, color, size, gift box & color box can be customized.

You can always find one ceramics especially for you. Welcome to contact with us and wait for our business cooperation.