A Ru porcelain cup cost a few thousand yuan, why Ru porcelain price differs a few times?

A lot of things in today's Chinese market are considered to be cheap

There are also many people who believe that Chinese goods are cheap in price and bad in quality

But now china has decided to create its own Porcelain brand, to get rid of the cheap figure in others' eyes

Making our own products, to restore the highest technology level of Porcelain production at that time

And the highest level of Chinese porcelain technology is Ru porcelain--the top porcelain of the song dynasty

For thousands of years, the taste of porcelain has never diminished, and the technology level of porcelain making has reached its peak at this time

To put it this way, the ancients would not hesitate to take a piece of modern first-class porcelain. Under modern porcelain firing technology, whether it is the uniformity of color, or consistency of color, or the thickness of the bottom of the tire, or the control of the type, or the temperature rhythm of the firing is better than that of ancient China.


Ru porcelain has the highest technology at that time, and only 80 pieces of Ru porcelain remain to be rare treasures till today

And the porcelain was only displayed in the museum

Now Chinese craftsmen have begun to reconstruct Ru porcelain with modern techniques since long time ago

The true heart porcelain makers still have respect for the ancients.

Liu Zongyue once said that the craftsman was modesty, simplicity and obedience to tradition because of lacking of originality

Because if you don't need to use your head, you can put all your body and mind into work. They do not criticize, but follow the moral values of integrity, and hold their original faith.

The good porcelain makers have the simplicity and modesty of the craftsman, but they have promotion and innovation.

In the Song dynasty, Ru kiln also imitated earlier bronzes.

If honest and humble is "ancient", then obviously, innovation is "now".

Inherit the tradition, none is dispensable


The more refined, thin, pure on the requirements, the greater the possibility of quality problems

In particular, the other kinds of porcelain are basically not hard porcelain (only Ru porcelain is the porcelain that has been burned by more than 1320 degrees of fire).

Although it’s a few dozens of degree, but calculated by fire cost in time and firing curve, the cost would be much higher. In other districts, the deformation caused by high temperature is dozens of times lower than the Jingdezhen porcelain

And these defective products should also be included in the cost.


And many of those cheap porcelain came from factories

It doesn't need complicated process, and can be done in a few hours

So it's not easy to make mistakes

The price is also relatively cheap, and that's why the price gap between them is so big compared with the hand - made exquisite porcelain