A beautiful China fine porcelain is made with hundreds of years’ effort of a family

Each piece of

A beautiful China fine porcelain

will go through thousand times polish and it is chosen from one thousand pieces.

Zhang Qingyun remembers there is a kilneye at the backyard since his childhood.

Every once in a while, someone would chop the wood, turn the soil and open the kilneye to fire exquisite China porcelain.

Zhang Gaoyue, grandfather of Zhang Qingyun, was a master of making exquisite China fine porcelain over one hundred years ago, and he handed down the porcelain making techniques to his offspring.

He began to fire porcelain since the period of the Republic of china, and he only made exquisite Chinese porcelain during his life.

Over one hundred years ago, his family made an Exquisite Chinese porcelain as a birthday gift for Chiang Kai-shek, the leader of China at that time.

And now, the exquisite Chinese porcelain is collected in Taipei Palace Museum.

Zhang Qingyun inherits the family craft from his grandfather.

People who fire porcelain just like magicians with magic powers.

A handful of clay is fired into Porcelains with different colors after a dozen of hours.

firing porcelain is a long process of waiting.

Zhang Qingyun fixed his eyes on the fire, once fire color changes, he would says resolutely to the workers that the temperature was proper.

After the Porcelain was finished, Zhang Qingyun pointed to a beautiful plate and said that this porcelain was unsuccessful.  

I didn’t understand why a beautiful porcelain plate was unsuccessful.

Until observed it carefully, I found that there was a black spot on the bottom of the porcelain plate.

Porcelains with minor flaws are seemed as inferior-quality products, which shall be destroyed previously.

However, they are ready sellers in the market now.

Each piece of exquisite Chinese porcelain is chosen from one thousand pieces, therefore, this kind of porcelain is very precious.

This is why exquisite Chinese porcelains handed down from ancient times are rare.

To turn clay into exquisite porcelain with ancient techniques, and these porcelains are displayed in the royal palace.

Each piece of exquisite Chinese porcelain has been collected by collectors, it’s the spreading of art as well as people’s perfect pursuit of daily life.

Now many of the craftsmen no longer use ancient techniques to fire porcelain, they adopt the most convenient modern techniques to fire cheap porcelains with the shortest time.

The cheap porcelain is lack of diligent and persistent of ancient techniques as well as the touching process of clay by craftsmen.

This is the difference between China fine porcelain and cheap porcelain.