Beijing color porcelain

    Beijing color porcelain has more than 100 years of history. With the official kiln Porcelain entering the market gradually at the beginning of the 20th century, antique shop began to fire varieties of vivid Kiln fine Porcelain. The quality, glaze and picture of this kind of porcelain are fine and excellent even compared with the official kiln. Therefore, the prototype of Beijing color porcelain appeared. After four generations of masters, Beijing color porcelain formed a special charm during the process of heritage.

    For the species, the types of Beijing color porcelain are diverse, including bottles, cans, bowls, plates, people, birds, animals and many other types; for the procedure of its production, it requires a set of strict and complex process; for the techniques, Beijing color porcelain mainly imitate the decorative techniques of ancient porcelain, mainly including the ancient color and pastel techniques. Among them, the lines of ancient color works are strong and vivid. The works also have strong color contrast and decoration, full of folk art style; pastel has soft and gorgeous colors, fine painting and vivid image, developed by traditional Chinese painting techniques.

    Today, the modern masters of arts and crafts inherit the tradition of predecessors, learn their advantages and innovate the Beijing color porcelain continually so that this intangible cultural heritage can show the charm of the times.