Ceramic Tea Set

    One of the most important part in drinking tea is to enjoy the art of ceramic tea set. A series of exquisite Tea Set with good tea gives people a better tea drinking experience.

    With the popular of drinking tea and the change of tea drinking custom, the number of tea set variety is more and more, and the texture is more and more exquisite. In general, tea set contains tea kettle, tea cup, tea washing, tea plate.

    ceramic tea set also have many different varieties, including celadon tea set, white ceramic tea set, black ceramic tea set and painted ceramic tea set. All of these tea sets have a prosperous chapter in the history of Chinese tea culture

    The best celadon tea set is in Zhejiang province. Celadon tea set has fine texture, elegant appearance and bluish blaze color. Its bluish color makes green tea in it look better.

    White ceramic tea set has white color, exquisite appearance, and elegant decoration, usually with the picture of mountain and river, flowers and grasses, fowls and beasts, or painting and calligraphy in its outside. White ceramic tea set not only has art values, but also is appropriate to brew different kinds of tea. Therefore, white ceramic tea set is the most widely used.

    The development of black ceramic tea set starts from the late Tang dynasty. It is prosperous in song dynasty, continues in Yuan dynasty, and declines in Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty. This change is relevant to tea drinking method, which provided a good condition for the development of black ceramic tea set in Song dynasty.

    Painted ceramic tea set is made by painted ceramic with colorful decoration in its outside. It mainly includes underglaze color Porcelain and glaze color Porcelain. Jingdezhen Kiln produces the best painted ceramic tea set.

    The exquisite and elegant feature of Ceramic tea set endows more profound meaning to tea, thus giving people better tea drinking experience.