Features and uses of the mug

The mug comes from the English mug,A mug is a glass with a handle. The Chinese word for "mug" is "马克杯".  

The mugs are a kind of homemade mug, commonly used in milk, coffee, tea and hot drinks.The cup is usually a standard cylindrical or cylindrical shape with a handle on one side of the body.The handle shape is usually half - ring.The mug is usually made of pure Porcelain, glazed Porcelain, glass, stainless steel or plastic. A few mugs are made of natural stone, but this price is generally high.

The mug is rich in shape and colorful.On the premise of reaching the basic purpose of the drink cup. The mugs can be designed to be animals, plants, animated characters and other shapes, with large rings, small rings, even rings and so on.A family commonly used mug can be filled with a liquid 150ml to 350ml. There are also a few large beer mugs that can hold up to 500 milliliters of liquid.

The biggest difference between the mugs and Chinese teacups is that the mug is larger and the cup is thicker to keep the hot drink warm.To make it easier to use, most of the porcelain mugs are designed to be used directly in the microwave oven and in the dishwasher, but there are a few special circumstances that need to be used and maintained according to the manufacturer's instructions.

The mugs are also collected as souvenirs.Because the City Mug of starbucks will have different designs based on the characteristics of each City.Specific cups can only be purchased in specific cities.So many people who love starbucks will go to different countries and cities to buy different City Mug as a souvenir.