Ge kiln–beautiful kiln made inadvertently

    Ge kiln, also known as brother kiln, Liutian kiln, was founded in Longquan Liutian by Zhang Shengyi who was born in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Department during the song dynasty. Ge Kiln is one of the five famous kilns in the Song Dynasty. Ge kiln is the form of art created by the Chinese people with heavenly way and the culture of all human treasures. Besides, the beauty of Ge kiln is mysterious, irregular and unique.

    The pulse of Ge kiln Porcelain soil is slightly purple and the textile is thin. Ge kiln has three kinds of Porcelain glaze. They are oil gray, beige and pink. The surface of Ge kiln porcelain is full of cracks. Because iron content of the soil is higher thus the oxidation will happen with the burning of the embryo. Porcelain embryo is purple black iron, but the bottom of porcelain without Tu glaze emerges the original iron color of the porcelain embryo, called "iron foot", and mouth with thin glaze is purple, called "purple mouth". Ge kiln porcelain crack has many shapes, such as ice crack, plum piece, ink pattern, fine lines and others. An important feature of the glaze porcelain is the glazed opening, which is a natural cracking phenomenon that occurs on glazes. Crack was originally a defect in the firing of porcelain, but later people mastered the law of cracking and consciously let it happen, resulting in a unique beauty. Glaze porcelain of Song dynasty seems enamel shiny. The whole body of glaze is intertwined cutting by deep or shallow lines. The term is called "ice crack", commonly known as "gold silk wire."

    There is a legend about the gold silk wire. In the Song Dynasty, there was a very famous porcelain artist – Zhang Cungen who lived in Longquan County. He was the father of Zhang Shengyi and Zhang Shenger. Zhang Cungen was good at making celadon, so Shengyi and Shenger learned his skills from childhood. Zhang Shengyi was honest and willing to endure hardship. As a result, he almost learned everything his father knew. Zhang Shenger also acquired skills. After the death of Zhang Cungen, his two sons separated home and both opened a kiln factory. Zhang Shengyi opened a kiln factory named Ge kiln, Zhang Shenger opened one named Di kiln. They both burned celadon, but Shengyi did it better. When Shengyi burned out the celadon with "purple mouth", he got attention of the emperor, who named Shengyi to burn the celadon for him. Shenger was so jealousy of his brother that he threw the clay into his brother’s glaze tank when his brother did not pay attention. Shengyi used the glaze mixed with clay to put in the base. After opening a kiln which was burned, the surface of the glaze was all cracked with different crack size and shapes. After the sadness, he refreshed the spirit and soaked a cup of tea, and then he poured the thick tea on the porcelain. The crack was immediately turned into a brown line. After that, he painted the ink again, and the crack was immediately turned into a black line. Therefore, the "gold silk wire" was formed inadvertently. It was this unintentional achievements that made Ge kiln later unique.