Guan kiln in Song dynasty

    Guan kiln, one of the top five famous kilns in song dynasty, represents the highest achievement of Porcelain art in Han nationality, being charged by the government. Guan Kiln in Song dynasty can be divided in Northern Song dynasty Guan kiln and Southern Song dynasty Guan kiln. The products from Guan kiln serves for the royal court, including everyday use Porcelain and decorative porcelain. The porcelain of Guan kiln that spread up to now contains bowls, plates, dishes, bottles, and so on.

    According to historical records, Northern Song dynasty Ge kiln located in Kaifeng, while the Southern Song Dynasty Ge kiln located in Hangzhou. We can seldom find the products from Northern Song dynasty Ge kiln nowadays, but it has a lot in common with Ru kiln, such as its formation, glaze color, technique. The body of the porcelain is thick, and the glaze color includes light greenish blue, lavender gray, dark bluish gray. The enamel of the porcelain is smooth and bright. Southern Song dynasty Ge kiln is the continuity of Northern Song dynasty Ge kiln. Its color includes black, dark gray, light gray, yellow. It has both thick and thin porcelain body. In the late Southern Song dynasty, Ge kiln pursued the jade texture and changed its techniques and produced thin body with thick glaze porcelain, which was as smooth as the jade. The pattern of the porcelain included crossing crab claw and ice crack, which is quite marvelous.

    Although Ge kiln accounted for a minority, its unique position and favorable conditions helped to produce a lot of high-end porcelain for the royal warrant. The excellent techniques and artistic value make it the Han nationality’s precious cultural heritage.