Healthy tips on porcelain dinnerware

    We all know that Porcelain is a treasure of our cultural development with a long history. Since ancient times, people have been using porcelain dinnerware. Porcelain dinnerware has different shapes and colors, so it has been welcomed by a lot of consumers. But taking the safety of dinnerware and the taste of food into consideration, we should pay attention to the following tips when using porcelain dinnerware.

    •For those porcelain dinnerware containing the food, we should pay attention to their decoration which will touch the food.
    •For those porcelain dinnerware containing the acid food, we should try to choose those products which have less decoration patterns on the surface.
    •Pay attention to the pattern color. If they are not bright, then we can know the temperature didn’t meet the requirements while firing the patterns. Such porcelain dinnerware products often have higher lead and cadmium dissolution.
    •Pay special attention to those porcelain dinnerware on which we can use hand to wipe their patterns because this product has high lead and cadmium dissolution.
    •For those porcelain dinnerware that we have concerns, we can soak them in the vinegar for several hours. If we find there are significant color changes, we should abandon them.
    •Avoid those products that are decorated with metal, such as gold rims, silver edges, gold flower paper, metal wire and wire inserts when purchasing porcelain dinnerware which will use in microwave ovens.