History of Jun porcelain

    Jun Porcelain, as china’s famous art and craft treasure, has a long history of more than one thousand years.

    The beginning of Jun Porcelain was from Tang dynasty. The pattern of black glaze splash spot is one of the representatives of this period, featured with vigorous and solemn.

    The first top prosperous period of Jun Porcelain is in song dynasty. Jun porcelain at Song dynasty is featured with pure and elegant. However, after the capital of Song dynasty moved to Hangzhou, the techniques of Jun porcelain also declined.

    Jun porcelain had a new life in Jin and Yuan dynasty. Jun porcelain in Song dynasty extended the style of copper red glaze, and produced painted porcelain with the decorative art of printing, engraving, embossing.

    Jun porcelain in Yuan dynasty is featured with extensive form. The style of porcelain in this period is bold and unconstrained in replace of clear and neat style. The color of Jun porcelain in Jin dynasty is mainly dark and dull.

    In the beginning of Ming dynasty, the development of Jun porcelain was declining because of the war. Therefore, the most precious and legendary treasure in the history of porcelain fell down. 

In late Qing dynasty, Jun porcelain revived. However, Jun porcelain was in trouble again at the age of the Republic of China because of the frequent war.

    After 1949, especially after the period of reform and opening, Jun porcelain developed rapidly and reached a new height.