How to choose porcelain dinnerware?

    With the improvement of living standards, people's standards on purchasing the dinnerware are also rising. When buying dinnerwares, people not only consider its practical value, but has their own requirements about its beauty. As the old saying goes, "delicious food is not as good as beautiful dinnerware," so we can often see the porcelain dinnerware on the dining table. It carries more value and satisfies people's deep aesthetic psychology.

    On special occasions such as moving, marriage and celebrating the New Year, many families will buy new Porcelain dinnerware. Every family uses them, but in fact most people don’t know very much about Porcelain and they do not know how to pick out the beautiful and harmless porcelain dinnerware. I hope that the following suggestions can be helpful when people buy porcelain dinnerware next time.

    1.Listen to the sound while hitting the porcelain. If the sound is crisp and sweet, then the porcelain is fine and dense without cracks. When the porcelain is fired in the high temperature, the quality is better.

2.Observe the inside and outside appearance of the porcelain carefully. See whether the porcelain glaze is smooth and bright; see the porcelain with or without scratches; see whether the porcelain has holes, black spots or bubbles; see whether the shape is fine; see whether the picture is good; see whether the bottom is flat; see whether the porcelain can be placed smoothly without burr.

    3.For a set of porcelain, people should compare the accessories to see whether its shape and picture decoration is consistent. Especially when buying a set of blue and white porcelain, people need to pay more attention because blue and white color varies with the change of the firing temperature. Thus even both are blue and white porcelain, their color can be deep or shallow.

    4.Test cover, test equipment and test porcelain. Some porcelain with a lid and some are made of several components. Therefore do not forget to cover the porcelain and try to bolt the components together to see whether the assembly is appropriate when choosing the porcelain.