I am a painter drawing on China fine porcelain

There are a group of people in the birthplace of porcelain.

These mysterious people are drawing on the Porcelain everyday.

They are drawing smoky tower and rainy balcony.

As well as celebrating peace of singing and dancing.

Some young painters draw Dragon Ball Super on the Porcelain.

They are China fine porcelain painters with techniques handed down from one thousand years, drawing on the porcelains with perseverance and consistency.

But can you imagine their daily life?

A painter may ride a bicycle through red walls to smoke a cigarette.

They may hold porcelain bowls to feed cats in the royal palace, and chat with each other.

Or holding the watering pot to water the flowers.

This contrast is wonderful and fantastic, you must love the simple but interesting life.

With techniques handed down from one thousand years ago and timeworn tools, they meet with porcelains and make friends with porcelains.

Their significance to porcelain is more than painting on the clay, these painters are having a dialogue of life with the clay in their hands, which is a mysterious meeting.

These painters are guarding and inheriting porcelains.

They don't want to take anything from the world, and they want to save something useful for the living.

A piece of ordinary domestic porcelain need a long time to finish the drawing. And the painter may need several days to finish drawing a large vase.

Therefore, fine porcelains are rare.

As another leader in the porcelain field, Japanese painters pursue the sense of ceremony, they take everything seriously even the minor things.

However, Chinese painters tackle the touch problems in a very easy manner, but they are actually serious at the bottom of heart.

China fine porcelain has been handed down for so many years, and now there are many fine pieces at abroad.

Every piece of porcelain is the fine art in the hands of painters, also the alive painting to record history.

They draw the history on the clay with brushes, and the painting is still colorful after one thousand years.

We can see the figures of the ancient painters one thousand years ago from these painters in modern times. They were young, they mastered poetries and books. They were painting on the porcelains with ultramarine brushes under the sun.