It is fine China porcelain and the top of the five porcelains in the song dynasty

mysterious, elegant and subtle, this is the description of Ru porcelain.

Place a Ru porcelain in the center of the booth is like sapphires generally radiates the temperament of raw jade.

It stand silently in the big exhibition hall, with the light coming down, quiet and steady, with the proud and lonesome of a monarch.

Speaking of ru Porcelain, we have to mention one person--song huizong zhao ji.

Legend has it that a thousand years ago, in the ancient city of Bianjing in china, emperor huizong of the northern song dynasty dreamed of the color of Ru kiln in his sleep.

Then huizong woke up with his bleary-eyed eyes and bathed in the sky green color.

And then he said, "the color of the sky after rain is the color of the future."

He called the artist to paint the color, and called the Porcelain artisan to enamels.

Ruzhou's artisans dare not neglect, and eventually succeeded in burning the ru Kiln in the same color as the color of the sky after rain in 1090 AD. Ru kiln is one of the five famous kilns in the song dynasty

Since then, ru porcelain ranks the first of the five famous kiln in the song dynasty. It represents the peak of porcelain in color, ingredients, and types of porcelain.

Chinese ceramic art is the peak of artistic conception

Ru porcelain was begin as well as destroyed in the song dynasty

In the last year of the northern song dynasty, Jinbing invaded the southern song dynasty, and in the past 20 years, due to the war and disaster, ru kiln was destroyed and ru porcelain skills were almost lost.

It is not easy to burn the sky green glaze. Although the folk kiln factory has been looking for the method of burning porcelain, the burning of ru kiln hasn’t succeeded yet.

There are just less than 100 pieces in the world, which have made it become rare treasures in the world.

The Chinese emperors saw it as the mascot, and they became the symbol of the official family.

And sky green color of ru kiln is entranced by scholars, because the color will change when observed in different light and different angles, this is the charm of ru kiln chinaware.

Under the bright light, the color of ru porcelain will be yellowish green, like the storm is over, the one finally parted and allowed some time to clarify the blue sky on a golden thrown sunlight.

And in the dim light, its color is blue in the bluish, like clear water in the lake. In fact, the intensity of the color will change with the temperature.

The glaze, which contains no artificial chemicals, is trace element orange in dozens of natural stone materials.

After ru kiln technology lost, ruzhou porcelain maker finally make the similar porcelain as ancient ru porcelain with compatible and restrained craftsmanship after countless times of trying. This is ru kiln mouth fire porcelain again or to find back the technology that lost for a long time.

Make the brightness of ru porcelain resurfaced. The ru porcelain still sparkling after sleeping for one thousand years. It added some stable; it has less glory with more restraining. I think this is also the precipitation that we need most while history brings it to us.