Jun Porcelain-the Aesthetic Essence in Song Dynasty

song dynasty, is a golden era, full of confidence and creativity. Porcelain, painting, calligraphy, and silk fabrics all reflects the cultural prosperity and elegant taste of Song dynasty.  Both of he aesthetic style and art standard catered to modern elegant taste. And after thousands of years, it realize a magnificent aesthetic return again.  

Due to its pure blood from the royal family, the color and form of Jun Porcelain came directly from the highest aesthetic standard in Northern Song dynasty. Each of the Porcelain is featured with not only exquisite and beautiful, but also pure and elegant.

In Northern Song dynasty, Chinese people had realized the remarkable achievement in pottery and porcelain. Even in today, it is still the excellent achievement in the subject of silicate, and the rare secret technique that the western world hasnt grasped.

Owing to the extremely strict requirement from the royal family and the expense regardless of cost, people in that period can create the gorgeous hard-paste porcelain, which is still the top porcelain along with the soft-paste porcelain, bone porcelain from British royal family, without the help of the modern chemical system and color.

Therefore, Jun porcelain is considered as gem quality and natural color from the royal kiln. It is the aesthetic essence of Song dynasty, the golden era in human civilization.