Shenhou town—Millennium eldest town, which has Millennium porcelain

The Central plains have always been a land of war. From the time of the competition in the Central plains to the changes of Yellow River, Henan has been suffering from war and prosperity, and there is an ancient town in Henan.

It seems that the fire, war and the outside world had nothing to do with it, and it stay inYuzhou, Henan peacefully. In one thousand years ago, it is a stone town, and its appearance is still clear to see after one thousand years. There is something in the small town that witnessed its development of history.

That was the Jun Porcelain.

Jun official Kiln fired exquisite tribute for the royal at all cost, and the good was sent into court. While the bad was broke and buried deep, which is not allowed to come into the folk society, so that the craftsmen can make the most fascinating kiln products.

Like the emperor at that time, I only want you to be happy, no matter how much energy or money it’ll spend.

In the history of over 1,700 years, the Jun kiln always shines with dazzling brilliance. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, there was a popular folk: "once you enter Shenhou Mountain, you will see a lot of kilns and Porcelain merchants on the seven li street."

There were merchants all over the town, and the town was full of fire and clay.

To glance over Shenhou town hurriedly, a bright sun light up the western sky.

The color is like the sunset glow red after the rain, the Porcelain still needs some ornament after the kiln.

The vermilion in the world is incomparable with it, the western gem is not the same as it.

The beauty of Jun porcelain lies in its pattern.

There are many classical Chinese poems wrote to praise its pattern. In the process of firing with high temperature, it changed naturally and forms into different kinds of patterns like, the rising sun, the cloudy high mountain, the waterfall of canyon, it’s like the freehand brush painting of traditional Chinese painting, which is unity in form and spirit, and memorable.There were many ancient poems described the image and artistic concepti.