Legend of Porcelain - Blue and White Porcelain of Yuan Dynasty

    blue and white porcelain changed its style in Yuan dynasty. It is featured with bright color, gorgeousness and vigorousness , bold style, a wide range of painting. Its unique technique changed the development of Porcelain in the whole world.

    blue and white porcelain of Yuan dynasty is the integration of the rulers’ aesthetic and various civilization. Rulers’ in Yuan dynasty are quite different from that are in Tang and Song dynasties. Mongolian are very bold, and have no delicate cultural appeal like people in song dynasty. Besides, Mongolian are fond of white. Therefore, Qing Porcelain that was popular in Song dynasty declined, while White porcelain developed rapidly. Thus, Jingdezhen that produced white porcelain became porcelain manufacture center in china and capital of porcelain in the world.

    Blue and white porcelain, as the export commodities, not only reflected the creativity of Chinese traditional culture, but also increased the cultural communication of China and West Asia at that time.

    Among all the Chinese porcelains, blue and white porcelain has the most important impact on the world. In Yuan dynasty, it became the favorite porcelain of the Arabs. But, it was very expensive to import porcelain from China for them. Therefore, they tried imitating blue and white porcelain. But without gaolin clay and Kiln more that 1300, they fired blue and white pottery, but not porcelain. Ever since Yang dynasty, this kind of imitation around the world was very common for four hundred years.

    In the history of porcelain, many invention and new technique has appeared along with blue and white porcelain in Yuan dynasty. And the appearance of blue and white porcelain signifies that porcelain entered into drawing period from engraving period.