Lu Jun Kiln-Never Change Herself

Lu Jun Kiln has enjoyed a noble and unique industry reputation and never changed her mind since hundreds of years of her inception. She is still strongly pursuing the ultimate value of Porcelain. In accordance with the extremely complex traditional ingredients secret method, Lu Jun kiln creates every piece of work seriously, using natural ore to condense pure Porcelain and precious glaze. Her works are rooted from the craft crystallization required by the court porcelain.

Lu Jun Kiln porcelain inherited the original elegant temperament of the Northern song dynasty palace porcelain, but also reflects the extension from classical liberalism to modern naturalism. She respects the simple, classical, elegant and balanced charm of Song Dynasty aesthetics combines the new romantic nostalgia with popular style, and shapes each piece of work carefully. Whether it is elegant furnishings, or the vessels filled with the quality of life such as the kitchenware, drinking vessel, water vessel, they are both infused into the calm taste of life, resulting in elegant works and characteristics widely appreciated by the world.

Ancient craftsmen of Lu Jun kiln have the ultimate pursuit on the beautiful natural kiln performance. At the same time, they also respect Jun porcelain glaze which are pure, natural, subtle and calm. Lu Jun glaze is vigorous, heavy and changeable, Azure glaze is elegant and ethereal lofty and secret color glaze is introverted and tranquil. Each kind of Jun porcelain glaze color brings elegant pleasure. It is this purity and elegance that constitute people’s original impression on the Lu Jun kiln. They also make the brand which has a 139-year history seem to own infinite charm and deep connotation. Besides, people can indulge themselves in Lu Jun kiln porcelain and enjoy the beauty of the porcelain.