Lu Jun Kiln-The Beginning of Modern History of Chinese Jun Porcelain

    Lu Jun Kiln has saved Chinese Jun Porcelain successively by suffering a lot and created a modern history of Chinese Jun kiln for 140 years. Lu Jun Kiln has also recovered Jun Porcelain craft which had been lost since the end of Yuan dynasty. It has created the only sub-Porcelain species in Jun porcelain system- the world's top kiln variable glaze"Lu Jun" porcelain species .Using "Lu Jun" porcelain species as a model, Lu Jun kiln laid and cultivated the technical system of modernized Chinese Jun porcelain industry in the three periods, which can be divided into Late Qing Dynasty, collectivization of the Republic of china and marketization of the Republic of China.

    Lu Jun kiln has witnessed the ups and downs of the entire national enterprises during the vicissitudes in the country for 100 years. From promoting Jun porcelain return to the court in the late Qing Dynasty to participating in the construction of "Jun Xing Magnetic Industry Company"(the first modern joint-stock professional ceramic company in modern history of China) under the influence of "Western learning" in the Northern Government period, Lu Jun kiln was there. From participating in the Panama World Expo on behalf of China in 1915, which means Jun porcelain large-scale out of the country in the first time, to holding China Pavilion Lu Jun kiln special performance in Milan, World Expo, 2015, it was there. A hundred years of ups and downs, they are all stories.

    From struggle to exploration, from reflection and open to today's diverse and prosperity, the progress of Lu Jun kiln telescoped the modern history of Chinese Jun porcelain art, witnessed the vicissitudes of times and varieties of cultural trends, and blended their characteristics into the classical works in different periods. Carrying the ups and downs of the national industry in the past century, Lu Jun kiln tries to make the national civilization essence enter a new era with a more elegant and calm way.