Selection of Porcelain Wine Set

The features of various shape, fineness and smoothness, bright color, easy to clean make porcelain wine set always the first choice for most people when selecting wine set. But how to select a series of wine set that is both beautiful and good for Health ? Here are some suggestions:

1. Choose the formal market. Do not purchase inferior products in the informal market for being anxious to get things on the cheap. According to national regulation, when you put Porcelain wine set into 4% acetic acid, the lead release should be less than 7mg/L, and the cadmium release should be less than 0.5mg/L. Products from formal industry normally can meet these requirements.

2. Watch the color of Porcelain wine set. Use your hand to touch the surface of the wine set. To see whether it is smooth and clean in the inside walls.

3. To smell whether it has unpleasant smell.

4. Do not purchase porcelain wine set with too bright color. Because most industries put heavy metal additives into the glaze in order to brighten its color. Therefore, the more bright the porcelain wine set is, the more heavy metal additives are in it, which are harmful to our health.

5. Choose underglaze color and glazed porcelain wine set which has high standards of raw material and technique.

With the above advice, consumers can purchase both beautiful and healthy porcelain wine set according to their needs.