Song huizong and song porcelain

Emperor huizong in the song dynasty once had a dream of the sky blue color after the rain, then he woke up and asks to made sky blue Porcelain. He vowed to let craftsmen fire that fascinating Porcelain, finally the ruzhou craftsmen exceeds. From then on, there is more than one kind of porcelain that still in existence--Ru kiln chinaware and azure glaze has also become typical ru Kiln porcelain.

As a matter of fact, song huizong was not the first who put forward "the color of sky after the rain”, it’s the second emperor of the five dynasties, Shizong Chai Rong who first raise this. At the same time, Chai Rong wrote the characteristics of the firewood kiln is "the color of sky after rain is the color of future." Because sky blue is indeed a great characteristic of ru kiln, The Legend of the later generations is attached to the birth of ru kiln.

Song huizong pursuit the supreme state of the northern song dynasty with the beauty porcelain’s color, he liked celadon, and he didn't like the White porcelain of pure color. He believes that white porcelain is too dazzling, and its single tone is difficult to reach the height of rich and changeable. Stable celadon glaze color is pure, azure, pinkish- blue, white, fried yellow, etc., the comfort idle natural beauty, and the moderation, neutralization of Confucianism thought in Chinese traditional culture are all acceptable to song huizong.

Before the emperor huizong set up official kilns, ru kiln was the first in the northern kilns. Song zhezong once ordered ruzhou to burn the imperial porcelain; this represents the highest artistic achievement of Chinese celadon at that time. Why did song huizong "abandon the Ru porcelain and restore official porcelain"?

Because ru kiln site is far from the capital and song huizong can't command them to fire porcelain according to his own standards, so he decided to "abandon the Ru porcelain and restore official porcelain”. He open a kiln mouth in kaifeng and burn grace and fine porcelain since 1107, after “Jingkang calamity” Kaifeng was fall, so the kiln mouth only existed for more than ten years, however, as the destruction of the northern song dynasty, its glory disappeared in the river of history.

Northern song dynasty official porcelain is the crowning work in Chinese ceramic art, and its great contribution made by the Chinese nation to world civilization, it is not only an inherited art, but also spread abundant cultural information; it’s used as a bridge and link in the communication with the world. Kaifeng is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization, and its long history and culture can be seen from the position of porcelain in the northern song dynasty.

The official kiln of the northern song dynasty was also a moment in the history of china. It only existed for more than ten years, so the porcelain of the northern song dynasty was especially rare and precious.

Official porcelain is passive, faded and cold reclusive. This is a high-pitched, light-colored world, and a solo of single instrument. What we use is a guqin rather than a keypad or a bell. Sky blue porcelain has no distance from people, and the air is clear and the tune is loud. And when the celadon is in front of you, you still feel far away from where it came from. Tang sancai, yuan qinghua, Ming enamel are a moment of talent, but only green porcelain can get the literati's favor. Perhaps because of the weakness of this people, they will feel at ease in the emptiness and dash. They don't like the vivid and hot image. Celadon has a kind of Buddha's expression.