The Development of Chinese Porcelain

    china is the birthplace of Porcelain, and the invention of Porcelain is one of China’s biggest contributions to world civilization. The porcelain made in China is exquisite and beautiful. Some of the them are gorgeous, some are plain, and some are simple, all of them featured with Chinese style.

    Starting from gray pottery, black pottery, red pottery, painted pottery, white pottery and glazed hard pottery, porcelain is an indispensable part of people’s life. This is just the beginning of the development of porcelain. Up to Sui dynasty, celadon was made, and White porcelain had developed a lot. Tang dynasty, a watershed between pottery and porcelain, appeared the real porcelain, before which, the texture of pottery is fragile. 

    Yue Kiln and Xing kiln also appeared at that time. In the period of Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, Yue kiln became the royal warrant vessels, during which the color of celeste appeared.

In song dynasty, the top five famous kiln, Ding kiln, Ru kiln, Guan kiln, Ge kiln, Jun kiln, have elegant and beautiful appearance, which are far more better than before.

    In Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty, porcelain came in a great many varieties, such as five color, clashing color, which were the foundation of painted porcelain afterwards. Even the famous Japanese Imari porcelain developed from the clashing porcelain at this period. Besides, there were also yellow color with red background, yellow color with blue background, blue and white color with yellow background, etc.

    No matter how will the porcelain changes, it is always the proud of our nation.