These are the porcelain that were loved by emperor Yongle

The porcelain art of the Ming dynasty was unique and diversified, which was the peak of art history in east Asia. "Simple and glittering" is the praise of Yongle emperor for his beloved Porcelain,The Porcelain, which the Yongle emperor likes, was more valuable after six hundred years of baptism.The national Palace Museum in Taipei introduced the special exhibition of "the porcelain for the Yongle emperor of the Ming dynasty" on May 18, which select nearly 100 pieces of Yongle porcelain.

The exhibition is divided into three parts: interior burning, foreign exchange, inheritance and imitation.Today we will look at the "inheritance and imitation" of the third part. 

The third part, "inheritance and imitation", presents that Yongle and Xuande period's porcelain imitation of the porcelain in Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong periods in Qing dynasty. This part selects several works to show the influence of Yongle porcelain in time and space.

The Yongle porcelain of the national Palace Museum in Taipei has a high quality.

Among them " plum bottle with sweet white plum" has good quality of green body and glittering glaze, all of them depicted with motifs, leaf patterns and lotus with thin lines. It's very delicate and charming, and it's the representative work of Yongle's sweet white glazed porcelain in china.

The flower fumigant with green flower is tall and demure, which is both practical and beautiful. It is the only porcelain of the early Ming dynasty in the world.

The blue-and-White porcelain of the national Palace Museum in Taipei is also on display at the exhibition.This piece of porcelain is large and thick, the body has a powerful dragon with three claws, with great momentum, which fully embodies the high porcelain technology.