A Tianmu Bowl Shows the Colorful Universe

Tianmu bowls were born along with the show-off tea. Tianmu Porcelains were flourishing in the Northern and Southern Song Dynasties and were stopped firing in the Ming Dynasty with short history of 500 years. Porcelains caught people's attention with elegance. Some evaluation was made for Jian bowls in the old books, like "tea bowls can be seen, felt and listened."

From its marvellous and changeable colors,

You can listen to its firing sound. 

You can feel the beautiful spots coming from the combination of glaze and fire.

A bowl, is a colorful world. 

Treasured porcelains, priceless.

As the fambed bowls are hard to be fired, the rate of its finished products is extremely low. Under the limited condition in the song dynasty, the amount of unrepeated Jian bowls is not ample. Therefore, it is very precious and rare at that time.     

From the old legend, in the mid of 13 century, a fambed bowl was fired by a master working in the Jian kiln by accident. With surprise and fear, he did not immediately report but ordered his disciple to throw it into a river.

This disciple was confused, and asked him: "This is the perfect and charming one among all of the bowls. Why do you choose to throw it? " 

However, the master stared at him and insisted on throwing this bowl.

Without any choice, this disciple brought this bowl and was reluctant to obey. When he prepared to throw, a monk suddenly appeared. 

When the monk saw the Jian bowl in the disciple's hand, he was excitedly said: "Why do you throw such beautiful bowl?" Then this disciple immediately told the monk the details. 

The monk thought it was a pity to throw this perfect bowl. Then he told to the disciple: "How about giving it to me.”

In fact, this disciple indeed loved this bowl and was not willing to throw it. Then he decided to give it to the monk. 

Then he asked the monk: "Do you know why my master decides to throw this bowl?" 

The monk smiled and said: "Your master is very clever. Because of the low rate of fambe, if the emperor really loves this kind of bowls, you all will suffer fatal disaster without providing the exact products that emperor orders. Therefor, your master would rather destroy this bowl to offer it to the palace.” 

A Tianmu bowl shows the colorful universe

In the past days, many Japanese and South Korean crazily chased for Jian bowls and they have an early imitation. In china, people in Taiwan, Shanghai, Xiamen,etc also began to pursue the trademarks of Jian Kiln and Jian bowls.  

Although these products are the imitated ones, they still strike people’s hearts depending on the endless beauty integrating the typical shapes and natural glaze. One bowl,one world; one leaf, one cup of linden tea

Its marvellous images is just like brocade, peacock feathers, oil drops in the water, pearls, fritillaria, as well as the vast sky. We will know the whole universe from this small bowl. Its beauty really moves us with tears.