Bake to Song Dynasty:the prosperity of a generation of imperial capital

I dreamed that I flew freely in the endless sea by taking the "South china Sea No.1". The reputation of "Maritime Silk Road" inscribed on her intact huge hull. She carried thousands of treasures in song dynasty to overseas countries.I still remembered that people carried thousands of exotic Porcelains to the deck, which were made by Dehua kiln, Jingdezhen kiln, Cizao Kiln and other famous kilns. Those Porcelains had become a bright flag to show the profound culture of China.

The Southern Song Dynasty was an important turning point in the development of porcelain technology. At that time, many famous kilns appeared. But official kilns, which made porcelains for royal family, had advanced technology. After Song Huizong ascending the throne, he ordered people to build an official kiln in Shenhou town, Yuzhou city, Henan province. This kiln produced porcelains such as flower pots and others for the royal family exclusively. Under the leadership of the emperor, the glaze fired gorgeous and smooth lines. There is a saying, "Jun Porcelain have no same one" because it was hard tio imitate. During the Jingde years of Song Dynasty, Song Zhenzong ordered Changnan to buy the porcelains for royalty, writing "Jingde Years Made" on the bottom of the porcelain. It's known as the name of "Jing De Zhen" because of its beauty.With the southward expansion of the Song Dynasty, many craftsmen form the north settled in the Jingdezhen city. They brought advanced porcelain technology that made the porcelain technology of Jingdezhen develop quickly. Now Jingdezhen has become the city of porcelain in China. There are colleges teaching people how to make porcelain, which is making the cultural heritage become famous step by step.

In my dream, "South China Sea No.1" couldn't reach the harbor which she should go. However, Song porcelain becomes famous in the world and represents the prosperity of a generation of imperial capital.