Brilliant porcelains in song dynasty

    It is a great prosperity period of Porcelain in song dynasty. Ancient pottery and Porcelain relics have been found in 170 counties in china. And among of them include 130 counties in Song dynasty,which accounts for 75% of the total. The Song dynasty ceramic Kiln is roughly divided into six kilns by historians such as the Ding kiln department of the northern region, Yaozhou kiln department,Jun kiln department,the magnetic state kiln department, the Longquan celadon in the southern region and the blue and white porcelain in Jingdezhen.On the one hand, these kiln systems have special characteristics due to the use of raw materials. On the other hand, they have the commonality about the cultural customs and technological level.

    It is a age of maturity of porcelain art in Song dynasty. Song dynasty porcelain is famous for the high development of monochrome glaze in the history of Chinese ceramics. Its elegance is unparalleled . At that time, there were many famous porcelain kiln and porcelain, which was praised as "the great period of Chinese painting and ceramics"by western scholars.In various  kilns of Song dynasty,bluish White porcelain in Jing De Zhen is famous for glaze,which is like ice and jade. Especially,the bluish white porcelain made of Hutian kiln is the most exquisite.And I its body is made of local kaolin,which is clean and compact. After a series of complicated procedures, the achievement of the beautiful color takes the artistic effect. Song dynasty was one of the most important periods in the history of porcelain making.