Ceramic Cups and Saucers

    In china, the pottery technique  can be traced back to  4,000 years ago,which can be regarded as an important part of the development of China.And the pursuit of beauty can be reflected by ceramic production in science and technology and other aspects.

    ceramics are made of clay as the main raw materials and various natural minerals. Its traditional concept refers to all artificial industrial products made of inorganic non-metallic minerals such as clay. Therefore, a lot of pottery and Porcelain products are the form of cups, Tea Sets and other forms in the public view.

    Compared with glass and plastic cups in ordinary life, ceramic cups effectively reduce the carcinogenic harmful gases and substances caused by plastic cups. And it won't  have an ornamental effect,as a metal cup. In addition, ceramics have an ornamental effect. In daily life, we often see ceramics as handicrafts, exhibits for viewing and decorative use.

    The following links can be used to enjoy some ceramic cups and dishes which can help you feel the mystery and beauty of ceramics.