Even the old craftsman with 30 years of firing experience do not know whether the next batch of porcelain is successful or not

The skilled porcelain master opens Kiln rarely in one year.

Because each opening of the kiln is an exploration of the unknown, it’s a long process.

This is the reason why many Porcelain masters in china only opens kiln several times a year.

They usually will not fire porcelain at a certain age.

Every time of opening kiln shall be cherished.

It’s also a process of sparing no pains.

The Porcelain firing process begins from choosing clay.

Even in the same place, the finished porcelain can be different in different time and weather.

That’s why every piece of porcelain is unique.

Hence fine porcelain is precious.

Opening kiln lasts for about 30 hours, firing the kiln from top to body with wood and coal continuously.

During this period, porcelain making masters and firing masters will stay around the fire in turns.

Every time of firing, the master will judge the temperature from the fire color and choose to add what kind of firewood or not.

firing porcelain is not easy,

After 30 hours of high temperature firing,

Ru porcelain will be finished.

Before the kiln is opened, even the experienced old master is unable to find out whether the Ru porcelain is successful or not. 

All speculations are settled after the kiln is opened.

Ru porcelains in the kiln are so perfect as if they are passing through from several hundred years ago.

As a matter of routine, one piece of porcelain will be chosen as the boutique from the one hundred pieces.

Hence the saying Even if in possession of a large fortune, it can not equal to a piece of Jun Porcelain.

this is a beautifull China fine porcelain

The unknown surprise and the yearn for the future is the reason why porcelain firing master want to hand down the craftsmanship.

Ru porcelain represents the perfect craftsmanship spirit pursued by Chinese people.