Chinese Red Porcelain

Chinese people generally believe that red is a festive color and many people like to use decorations in red. ceramic also has such a special red figure - china red porcelain.

Chinese Red Porcelain is also known as Liling Red Porcelain, which is a special product of Liling in Hunan Province. “China Red Porcelain” has been praised by all parties for its unique porcelain, complex process and difficult production. It had spread throughout the world before the advent of the four great inventions.

Red is the favorite color of the Chinese nation and is also the most popular color in the world. From ancient to modern times, each work of art has its unique artistic connotation and cultural implication and China Red Porcelain is no exception. Liling Red Porcelain bearing auspicious, noble, has been the treasure of royal pursuit since ancient times.

With the continuous development of society, the red porcelain technique has been applied to our daily life, adding a red landscape to our life. Every product of Chinese Red Porcelain, from design to research and development, is carefully selected, conceived and created by professional designers. Whether from the appearance or connotation of Chinese red porcelain, it is possible to see the designer's creative ideas, so the product has high artistic value and ornamental value.