Colored Porcelain

     Colored porcelain is the Porcelain that is painted on the surface of the utensil. It is also one of the traditional Chinese porcelains.Colored Porcelain includes underglaze and overglaze color. Underglaze refers that the colorful pictures are not exposed to the outside world and under the cover of transparent glaze. It can neither be worn nor corrosioned in the process of using, and does not have the harm of fouling. The feature of overglaze color is that the decoration is from simple to complex ,colors range from one to many and decorative art is stronger at the same time.

     In the history of china's porcelain,the appearance of colored porcelain has brought an end of the long period of celadon and White porcelain, so the porcelain garden has blossomed and colorful. Colored porcelain was recognized for its excellence for one thousand years.During Kangxi's reign, the porcelain ware of the Qing dynasty was called "the most Qing dynasty".

     There are many kinds of colored Tea Sets,while the blue and white porcelain tea sets are the most eye-catching.The ancients called black, blue, green and other colors as "green", so the meaning of "blue and white porcelain" is broader than today's.The colored porcelain has the feeling of pleasing eyes, and the color of the glaze on top. It is moistened and bright, adding the charm of green flower tea.In addition, the color porcelain processing used to make the frame has aroused the resonance of the broad fans, its exquisite craftsmanship is admirable.