Famous Longquan kiln

    When we refer to the Porcelain of old kiln, people tend to push the five famous kilns of song dynasty.Longquan celadon began in the Northern Song Dynasty ,but it seems to be lower grade compared with the five famous kilns. In fact, ancient Porcelain Longquan klin with good quality has always been loved by porcelain collectors. Longquan Kiln is a famous kiln in the history of the Song Dynasty, which is one of the six kilns. The treasures of traditional porcelain craftsmanship in Song dynasty are mainly produced in Longquan City, Zhejiang Province, therefore, it is named after Longquan kiln. It began during the Three Kingdoms period,and end in the Qing Dynasty.Besides,Longquan kiln has more than 1600 years of porcelain production ,which is the longest porcelain kiln in the history of Chinese porcelain.

    Longquan kiln is famous for celadon. Before the early Northern Song Dynasty, the craft of Longquan kiln was influenced by Yue kiln and Wuzhou kiln, so its craft characteristics was similar to three kiln products. Longquan kiln celadon has some features ,such as the thick carcass texture, thick carcass body, light green glaze, light glaze layer. In Northern Song dynasty,the colors of porcelain are mainly pink and blue, and it’s mainly onion blue in Southern Song dynasty. And porcelain didn’t have lobes with little carved flowers. As an outstanding representatives of the southern celadon klin,Long quan klin surpassed the Vietnamese kiln, Wuzhou kiln and Ou kiln ,which pushed the firing level of celadon to a new peak.