Gold Applique Ceramics

With the development of ceramic technology, the popularity of ceramic crafts has gradually deepened. In order to develop and expand china's traditional culture, the intangible heritage is constantly being practiced by many artists with ceramic handicrafts. On the basis of the original Handmade art, the craftsman uses relief and gold applique to show the outline of the ceramic utensil rather than the way of hand painting.

The customers is often unclear about the difference of ceramic with the form of gold applique  and hand-painted pottery . They think the ceramic technology is the same ,however, the result is different.Both of them have different ways of the presentation of their own artistic beauty.

The golden applique is the most widely used decorative technique for modern ceramics,which has a simpler general work . For example, spherical geometries have a large areas of continuous and complete portraits of people, flowers , birds, landscape and so on ,which can not be the applique process.If it is made from Applique process , the folding phenomenon will appear. Besides, Ceramic decal printing ink pattern can be firmly on the pottery in 700-800 ℃ or 1100-1350 ℃ under fire and the color varies is based on the color former.In a word ,we can not simply talk about the mystery of the process of the golden applique ceramics.

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