Hometown of Jun Porcelain----An Ancient Town

The fire of Jun kiln has continued for thousands of years; and the Shenhou town has greatly influenced the world.

Once you know Shenhou town, you will have a close relationship with it. As one of the several ancient towns with thousand years in the land of the china, Shenhou town is famous for its Porcelains and its special firing techniques. Once steeping into this town , your eyes will be caught by the debris of Jun Porcelains, the thick wall built by the debris and the intact buildings of Bolingweng temple, Huaxi opera and Dengyu in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, which will make you lost in this special scene. It is said that Shenhou town has a long history and its history is never interrupted since Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasties. Therefore, people call it“ancient town with thousand of years" and " living fossil in history".

Walking in the old streets and alleys in Shenhou town, you can feel the decorous, pure and peaceful tones. Buildings like temples, ancestral halls, houses, and even the ancient Jun kilns  have been meticulously witnessing The Legendary and great changes in Shenhou town, which contains not only the cultural and artistic feelings but also homesick feelings. Far away from the city's noise, you can ease your weight-bearing and tired heart, quietly communicating with the ancient streets and kilns and feeling the spectacle of the nature. 

When feeling the special glamour of Shenhou town, what the most deserves to know is the Jun Porcelains which are well-known by its unique fambed artistic value. Ranking the first place of Chinese five famous porcelains, Jun porcelains have ceaselessly rewritten the glory of Chinese porcelain art in  Tang Dynasty and song dynasty.  

In the ancient streets of Shenhou town, there is no exaggeration to say that you can just look the images of Jun porcelains within five steps but can touch them within ten steps. It is no doubt that you can see the official porcelains and official pottery porcelains made in the Song Dynasty. Even the tea shops, Hotels and snack inns will also display a few pieces of colorful Jun porcelains, which has become a special scenery in this ancient town. The meticulous craftsmen also will show the Jun Kiln art on lamp posts, walls and even the ground, which creates the colorful and mythic world for people. 

As businessmen come to this town for chasing, the antique market of Shenhou is gradually formed. Just like the original legend, the various potteries filled with the market hit with each other. Their hitting sounds is like the ringing from far distance, bringing people back to the past time over and over again. 

In the autumn, although the floating clouds have been taken away by the passing time, the splendid and pure beauty deposited in national culture and Jun porcelains are deeply preserved. In this times, most people have lost their souls. We can forget anything, but we should deeply bear homesickness connecting family affections and our traditional culture kept by our nation for 5,000 years in mind. 

It is an indisputable truth that the glorious culture can make our country prosperous and the thriving culture can make our country strong. This confidence comes from our blood and genes.