How to use tea ceremony set

The tea ceremony is the skills and ways to brew tea in the Chinese folk. And the tea ceremony set is also called the six gentlemen, which is a necessary part of tea ceremony. And the six gentlemen are always mentioned, namely teaspoon, tea needle, tea strainer, tea tweezers, tea scoop and tea caddy. 

The tea ceremony set usually includes the following tools:

Tea tweezers: it can nip the tea residues from the pot, having the same function of teaspoon. Sometimes, people will use it to nip the teacup to wash, because it is anti-hot and sanitary in that way.

Teaspoon: its main function is to dig the soaked tea residues in the pot. The tea residues is often tightly packed with teapot after brewing. In addition to the small mouth, it is neither convenient nor hygienic to use hand to dig out, so we strongly recommend you to use the teaspoon.

Tea container: it is used to hold the tools of the tea ceremony set .

Tea Tea strainer: Before putting the tea leaves, you should put the tea strainer into the mouth. The tea strainer’s function is not only the filtering but also prevent the tea from falling outside the teapot.

Tea scoop: it is also called teaspoon, and usually people will use it to scoop tea leaves.

Tea needle: the function is to clear the inner strainer to keep the water flowing smoothly. Or you can use it to stir the tea leaves in order to ensure that the tea dust is on the bottom and the intact tea leaves are on the top.

The six gentlemen of tea ceremony are usually made of bamboo and wood. The bamboo products are elegant and refresh and the wooden products are natural, both of which are in harmony with fragrance of tea.  There are some other accessories: tea Tray, tea mat, tea towel, tea pet, tea tray, tea pot pen and tea strainer.

Tea ceremony set is the most commonly used, but it is also the most easily overlooked objects. As for tea strainer, you will use it to filter tea when drinking with Gaiwan and teapot; the tea tweezers is used to nip teacup, it is made from wood, bamboo or metal; the tea tray is used to put the teacup; the tea needle is used to clear the inner strainer. All of these are usually scattered on the tray, you may not pay attention to them when you are focused on the tea. Although these small accessories have the same size, their materials and skills are different. 

As an indispensable part in the tea ceremony show, the tea ceremony set  is a beautiful scene for appreciating poetry and feeling image of paintings by people. It plays the role in embellishment. It is not only a practical tool but also an artistic manifestation, making many tea drinkers favor. What attracts you most may be the tea bottle for holding tea accessories. This kind of tea bottles are made from various materials and their shapes are different. Besides there are many subjects on it,  such as flower, bird, insect and fish with a lot of implications. All the above have greatly enhanced its ornament.