"If I don't go to fire porcelain, I'll go back to the countryside," said the porcelain man.

    The workman was a builder, and a canal. From ancient times, we always look up to the craftsman with infinite admiration. We called them “master", the artist, the craftsman in the Porcelain manufacturing industry is known as the Porcelain master.

    Now under fast rhythm of production in the industrial age, every workman and artist uphold a "craftsman's spirt" and cling to the "craftsman's spirt" that may seems a little stubborn. They fire porcelain year after year and hope to be a master in porcelain making, then to build a Fine China porcelain brand and let it reach out of the world.

    Choose the old, choose the fire and poem, choose to persist, choose the unknown, you never will know if it will success or fail the next second. Choose the most traditional craftsmanship.

    ceramic is a craftsmanship, every step is very rigorous--knead mud, drawing, glazing, firing... Every piece of ceramics goes through ten processes from the mud to the finished product. It's not so complicated but every step is urgent. If you don't pay attention, burning china may be a defective product.

    The young porcelain craftsman said if I don't go to the porcelain, I would rather go back to the countryside.

    The porcelain fired by the young man is placed on the table and matched together with petals, dead branches, cotton and linen so that there is a feeling of loneliness. Like a natural plant, it following the breath of the wind and quietly accept the four seasons reincarnation. All the laws of beauty are in china, and they just standing there quietly, don’t say a word. But you know, they can talk or smile, to use them is the biggest respect, and hug them will be beautiful.

    This is a very frustrating feeling for beginners who have just learned about ceramics. So was the young porcelain man, who suffered a lot in the early days of burning porcelain, but the pleasure of firing porcelain was far greater for him than the failure.

    "China can give me pleasure." He smiled and said, "I always look forward to firing porcelain, because the result is totally unpredictable. Sometimes I feel disappointed, sometimes I think I will fail, but I got the work that I wanted most surprisingly, this is almost like life, both are fascinating.

    In the eyes of young porcelain men, manual work does not mean how perfect it is, how good the quality is, or how noble it is, it is just an attitude towards the craft. It's also an attitude towards life. With such a heart to make porcelain, it is hard to fire something that is not beautiful. In works of young men, there are darling little beast and smiling Buddha, there are also some porcelain that is hard to describe it’s shape, but when you look at them, you will think of a piece of cloud, a tap water, a wild goose toward south.

    Trees don't tell you how they grow, just like porcelain, they won't tell you what happened in the heat. The young is still groping, he wanted his china to tell the story, or told everything in a cold winter day about the touching story in the high temperature and in the soil.