Innovation of Jing Porcelain production in Yuan Dynasty

    china's Porcelain is still charming now, because Porcelain has been innovating with the development of the times. Jingdezhen porcelain also had a new innovation and breakthrough in Yuan dynasty. Although it was not long for the Yuan Dynasty to rule China, the Yuan Dynasty was an innovation period from Jingdezhen's porcelain history. In this period, in addition to the production of blue and white porcelain, Jing porcelain had also succeeded in creating the famous blue and white porcelain.

    Before Yuan Dynasty, porcelain decoration was monotonous. Porcelain is dominated by engraving, scratching and printing, the glaze is poorly decorated. Therefore, the sintered success of blue and White porcelain had created a new era of white porcelain painting and became an epoch-making event in China's porcelain history. With the appearance of blue and white porcelain, it developed rapidly with vigorous vitality, which made the landscape of porcelain production unprecedentedly prosperous. From Jingdezhen’s blue and white porcelains in Yuan Dynasty which are in museums, Jing porcelain process is quite mature and the quality had reached a high level. Jingdezhen porcelain workers in Yuan Dynasty also invented the enamel red porcelain, which was also a major innovation project. Enamel red porcelain is burned in the heat reduction flame, the decoration is red under the glaze and the burning difficulty is larger. In addition, Jingdezhen in Yuan Dynasty had been burned a new variety of red and green yellow porcelain, white glaze and copper red glaze, which made the porcelain decoration in Jingdezhen colorful.