Mysterious Jun kiln

    Jun kiln is famous for Gu Jun Tai. During the reign of emperor Huizong in the Northern Song Synasty, Jun Kiln was one of the five famous kilns of the song dynasty.
    Jun kiln is famous for Porcelain painting, and the exquisite Porcelain painting is not artificial drawing. During Yuan dynasty, the south began to imitate Jun ware. In Ming and Qing dynasties, the imitation of Jun glaze appeared in Yixing kiln (Yijun), Shiwan kiln (Guangjun), Jingdezhen kiln (Furnace). And Yijun is a pottery fetus, the color of embryo has purple and white . The porcelain produced in Gung Jun klin is also a ceramic tyre with a dark grey glaze and rust-colored glaze, so the type of porcelain has a darker glaze and a rabbit hair pattern. Furnace Jun is a kind of low-temperature glaze in Qing dynasty,which is burned by Jingdezhen.It was first burnt in high temperature,  then was burnt in the cryogenic furnace for the second time.
    Jun kiln can be divided into official Jun kiln, and folk Jun kiln. Official jun kiln was the second Guan kiln ,which was established in Song dynasty. Among various Jun kilns, the most famous are the Gossip hole kiln and Juntai kiln, which served especially for royal household.
    In the history of porcelain, the "glazing color" has always been the name of Jun kiln, which is due to the effect of the combination between the ingredients and the gasification of copper. The latter described it as a great invention in the history of Chinese porcelain - furnace transmutation.