Porcelain and tea are more enjoyable when used together

    Chinese people like tea and Porcelain,the Chinese fine Tea Set can make tea drinkers happy. Different tea should be used with different Porcelain to make it more enjoyable.

    There are many kinds of people, and there are many colors of tea. In addition to tasting the taste of tea, ancient people also is very dainty about tea set, they use tea sets with different color and material when drinking different tea.

    Black tea and celadon go well collocations.

    Many production processes make black tea very tasty, and Longquan celadon ware can make the tea color look more red and thicker,they also complement each other. Tea leaf is spiritual in water, it release its cultural atmosphere in which it grows in the mountains, the soil, and the water. After drinking , it'll gives endless aftertaste.

    Green tea with White porcelain, perfect match.

    Green tea is one of the oldest teas,the color of dry tea leaves and the tea soup color are green. The representative variety has West Lake Longjing tea, Dongting Biluochun tea, Xinyang Maojian tea, etc. Green tea is fresh and refined with pleasant fragrance. The elegant and quiet white porcelain can match it perfectly. People who drink tea can see tea leaves floating in the water. Some people say that man is like Pu'er tea--use a lifetime perseverance and effort striving for quiet after success, and use a lifetime of silence to remove the young impetuous and arrogant, make life become more calm, restrained, and mature.And the beauty of the blue  and white porcelain can add some vitality to the calm of Pu'er TEA.

    Tea is a gift of nature, full of spirituality.When the tea is rolling in the water, it tries its best to transmit every drop of rain, every sunshine, and every place in the process of growing up, and pass it to people's mouths.