A beautiful China fine porcelain for more than 20 years, pursued by the old craftsmen all their life

Ru kiln was exist for change

During the firing process, the Porcelain body might crack, collect dust, crawling or stick on the ground.

The firing result of each time was unknown, the firing conditions were strict, an exquisite Porcelain might experience thousands of firings.

Batches of porcelains became perfect or flawed,

And craftsmen sensed the clay with their hands.

The destiny of a flawed porcelain was to be destroyed.

The mood of craftsmen was ups and downs like roller coaster with the changes of finished products rate.

In short, firing porcelain is not easy, it is to be cherished.  

This is the quality we always pursue

Like jade, not jade, but surpass jade

Simple, elegant, blue and white

The above is the description about Ru porcelain.

Huizong of the song dynasty travelled in the folk, the sky was blue as the sea after raining,

He ordered the ministers to keep the color。

Since then, Ru porcelain was fired, it is simple, elegant, smooth and bright, surpassing all the other porcelains.

Ru kiln began to fire porcelain in the late Song Dynasty, it was vanished after Jingkang Event (The Northern Song Dynasty was destroyed by Jin). Ru Kiln existed only 20 years, so only a few Ru porcelains were handed down. Even in the Southern Song Dynasty, they were very valuable, let alone nowadays.

Huizong of the Song Dynasty loved Ru kiln wholeheartedly, we too.

Among these porcelains, some of them are still bright and moist, the glaze bodies of some porcelains have fallen off, and their surface crack degrees are all different, however, they are very beautiful. All the above happened in the 20 years of the Northern Song Dynasty, these porcelains appeared before us after experiencing a long period of baptism.

Obviously, it has been over one thousand years from now.

We love the jade-like Ru porcelains, feeling like the broken cloud in the clear sky after the storm.

Although the authentic skills have been lost almost one thousand years, the vigorous style of Ru porcelain is still exist.

Therefore, our few craftsmen can recover Ru porcelain by various firing techniques.

For example, my wife never drink tea, but she can select Ru porcelain from a pile of porcelain cups, and regards Ru porcelain as the most beautiful and expensive.

It is only one piece of the thousands of porcelains from Ru kiln.

Ru porcelains are really beautiful.

I love A beautiful China fine porcelain.