Tea and porcelain

    tea and Porcelain are an indispensable part of Chinese traditional culture. Chinese people love tea, and also love Porcelain. Porcelain in china mainly exists for tea, and fine ceramic tea set can make tea taster more enjoy the whole activity of drinking tea. Chinese tea and porcelain are various, and different tea with suitable ceramic Tea Set will be more pleasing to the eye. Making tea is a very patient thing to do, calm down, and the tea will be able to show its proper posture to the greatest extent.

    Black tea match green porcelain—the two complement each other.

The multi-step process gives the black tea a sweet and mellow quality, while the celadon porcelain can make the tea looks redder and stronger, and the two complement each other. Tea is spiritual in the water, and every piece of tea was open, which shows its cultural atmosphere in the mountains, the soil, and the water where it grows. Taking a sip of it, the aftertaste is endless.

    Green tea with White porcelain—it’s light and elegant.

    Life is like a cup of tea, the first course is as bit as life, the second course is as fragrant as love, and the third course is as weak as sweet breeze. Green tea is the oldest tea, the color of its dry tea leaves and the tea soup after brewing and the leaf base are all green. The representatives are the West Lake Longjing Tea, the Dongting Biluochun Tea, the Xinyang Maojian Tea, etc. Green tea is fresh and refined, pleasant and fragrant, and the clean white Porcelain Tea Set is the nearest match. Tea lovers can appreciate the light gracehul posture in the tea soup during the tasting.

    Drinking tea is not only a kind of physical activity, but also a spiritual and artistic activity. The tea set is more exquisite, it not only need be easy to use, but also should have form beauty, so the Chinese have high requirements for daily-use ceramics, whether in its shape, size, or use. Generally, there will be a lot of tea set for tea lovers, to use different tea set according to different tea. I think Ru porcelain is the favorite thing in the world for many tea lovers, because the Ru porcelain will form opening film with time and use. And it’ll have different opening film according to different color of tea, some are golden, some are dull gold and some are dark color. So one can know what tea its owner usually loves to drink from the opening film. The people who use ru porcelain tea set will pay special attention to the tea set.

    Nowadays, delicate porcelain, nice dessert on three layers of towers and fragrant black tea, also entered the life of British tea lovers. Whether it is a scene in Downtown Abbey or the grace hero of Jane Austen, British afternoon tea always is a hot topic in British culture. It is not only the way of life of the British aristocracy, but also it go into different stratums, and even feeding the leisure culture of Chinese cities, which has become a landscape in daily life.