Teaset: How to Smartly Use the Teacup and Teapot?

tea wares are usually refers to teapots, tea cups, bowls, sharing teacups and so on. A set of delicate tea ware matches a pot of fragrance tea, which not only gives a joyful moment for both friends and relatives, but also shows appreciation of art.

Tea teaboard

Usually there are two kinds teaboards, respectively, container and pipe. The teaboard with container is suitable for friends who sometimes drink tea. While the teaboard with pipe is truly for tea-drinker.

How to use teaboard?

When you take the teaboard, firstly, you should take the teapot, teacups and sharing cup away so as not to broke them down. And do not leave the waste water stay in the Tray for a long time after using, but wipe it with a dry cloth.

Tea caddy

There are many shapes of tea caddies and you can choose what you like. Moreover, the shapes means, to a certain extent, a symbol of luxury, and of course the price is different. Tea caddy should be sealed immediately after use to prevent damp or loosing taste of tea.


The teapot with the mouthed shape is made for making tea and pouring tea. Mainly it is used for brewing tea. A teapot is made from the four parts: the lid, pot body, pot bottom and round foot. When using a teapot, it's impolite to point at the guest with the mouth, but rather at yourself. When pouring tea using the teapot, you must hold the lid with your fingers in case that the lid slipped when leaning.


Teacup is used to taste the tea soup. When you pick up a teacup, your fingers should hold it in order to show that the power is in your possession. Or you can light orchid fingers to show a beautiful posture.

Sharing/Fair cup

Sharing/Fair cup, also known as tea cup, is used to hold soaked tea and to precipitate tea residue. With fair cup, each tea cup can be divided the same amount tea so as to show fair, so it is called fair cup or sharing tea. The tea should be immediately poured into a fair cup after brewing, and the guest are ready to drink at any time in order to avoid too bitter tea because of sediment for a long time.

Tea towel

Tea towel, also known as "tea cloth", used to wipe water stains on tea wares, especially the bottom and the side of that. Tea towels can only be used to wipe the overflowed tea, but can not be used to clean the water, stains, peels on the stable. It is one of the basic norms to put the both hands on the tea towel when making tea. And tea towel can not be exposed to hard sun after use in case of being harden.When using a tea towel,you are supposed to hold the Tea Set in one hand and the thumb of another hand should be put on the lid, remaining the other four fingers holding the towel, and then gently wipe the water stains and tea stains.

Tea tray

Tea tray, also known as the cup holder, is used to put the teacup. When using a tea tray to serve guests, it shows clean and elegant. After using, it should be immediately cleaned. If the material of tea tray is bamboo and wood, they should be ventilated to dry. No matter what kind of material it is, it should avoid being knocked.

Tea vessel

The tea vessel is used to hold the waste water and tea residues. Because it is a small volume, you should pour the water as gentle as possible to avoid spillage of waste water on the tea table and you had better timely clean up the waste water. What's more, the tea maker can also wash his hands in the vessel during making tea.