the Emperor's Porcelain —Jun Porcelain

As the top one of the five most famous kilns for thousands of years, Jun Porcelain has the most pure royal blood in china. Different from normal tribute from the society, Jun Porcelain is set and managed by the royal family since it born, and served only for the royalty.

Because of the uniqueness of the royalty, the emperor forbid the folk to use or collect Jun Porcelain, therefore, Jun porcelain is also called the emperors porcelain.

The noble origin and secret producing method made porcelain rare and mysterious.

Although the other famous porcelain could be used by not only the royal families ,but also the folk, Jun porcelain served only for the royalty. All of its income and expenses came from the royal family, with no relation to administrative revenue and expenditure.

Jun porcelain was produced according to the requirements from the royalty, even designed by the emperor himself. The royal family used extremely harsh standard to select the porcelain, those which didnt meet the requirement would be broken and buried directly, so Jun porcelain from the ancient times can seldom be seen nowadays.

Therefore, Jun porcelain is called the emperors porcelain born directly from the royal family.