The Beauty of China Fine Porcelain

    ceramic has elegant modelling and crystal-clear glaze, so people think it is beautiful, these statement are all right, but still not comprehensive. What we call "beauty" is to say that it should be pleasing to the eye, that is to say, a beautiful piece of pottery, when we look at it, we not only can feel a kind of pleasure, but also can be moved by it.

    Ceramic belongs tothe category of arts and crafts, it has ancient inheritance, and also have innovation of a new era , ceramic beauty lie in the artist's conception and patient management and tireless pursuit of the perfect lofty spirit.Any piece of ceramic art is the crystallization of the artist's wisdom and perspiration, it reveals beauty.

    The beauty of personality

    The artistic personality and artistic style of ceramic works are also important factors to reflect the value of works.As an artist, everyone has his own artistic style and personality.The primary condition of art personality is the application of decorative art, otherwise it will fall into the position of the a painter, there is no way to talk about the decoration of ceramics, and so the aesthetic of the art will be absent.

    The beauty of artistic conception

Mr. Wuguanzhong said: technology is the basis while the meaning is the most important.What is more important is to have inner beauty and temperament. The same is as ceramic products.We often say that ceramic is deep and vigorous in Tang Dynasty,the ceramics in song dynasty were simple and elegant, the ceramic in Yuan dynasty and Ming Dynasty is bold and powerful, the ceramics is refined and noble in Qing Dynasty . These are related to the ceramic texture.

    In long-term creative practice ,Ceramic artists draw on chinese painting techniques and aesthetics,, they pay attention to the artistic conceptions and focus on the essence of beauty in real life ,They attracted the audience's fine emotions with beautiful picture. Such works can stand the test of time.