The classification of daily-use ceramics

   The general ceramics is born because of the demand for daily life. There are many familiar ceramics in our life, such as Dinnerware Sets, Tea Sets, coffee sets, wine sets, Dinning Ware and so on.

    According to the classification of Porcelain, the current market of daily -use ceramics mainly include fine Porcelain, common porcelain, porcelain stoneware, bone china porcelain, rice-pattern decorated porcelain, under glaze porcelain, daily-use pottery and daily-use fine pottery.

   According to the classification of decorative method, features of flower surface can be divided into overglaze color, in-glaze decoration, under glaze color, pigmented glaze, not the color of White porcelain, etc.

   According to the practical usage, the ceramic can be classified into tableware, tea sets, coffee sets, wine tools, rice utensils, etc.

   According to the practical usage, the tableware can be divided into ceramic plates, ceramic dinner plates, ceramic salad plates, ceramic dessert plates, ceramic plates, ceramic bowls, ceramic cups, ceramic bowls, whole sets of tableware, etc. And the porcelain tableware is divided into porcelain tableware, pottery ware, and stoneware tableware according to the materials. And in accordance with practical purpose, the tea sets can be classified into saucers, tea cup, pots-holder, tea hook, cup set and teapot set, etc. And it is more popular than other tea sets, such as China tea sets, Japanese Tea Sets, English tea sets, children tea sets, women tea sets and so on. Besides of those ,we can know that coffee sets include porcelain coffee cup, porcelain mug, porcelain plates, and wine sets include wine pot, wine glass, wine holder, etc.

   According to the production process, it can be divided into the difference of practical usage and the difference of raw materials and the density of the body.

   According to the practical usage, the ceramics are divided into daily-use ceramics, arts ceramics and industry ceramics.

   Firstly, the daily -use ceramics include tableware, tea sets, vats, altar, pot, etc.

   Secondly, the arts ceramics can be divided into vases, sculpture, display, etc.

Thirdly, the last classification of industry ceramics is the ceramics makes applied to industry line.

   According to the raw materials and the density of the body, it is divided into earthenware, ceramics, stone Ware, semi-porcelain´╝îporcelain.