The development of under glaze red

   under glaze red is a kind of under glaze painting fired by Jingdezhen in the Yuan Dynasty. Under glaze red means red under the glaze. It is fired at high temperature(1300℃), using copper oxide to paint colors on the Porcelain billet and then applying transparent glaze so that red patterns will appear under the glaze. This artifact began in the Yuan dynasty; in the Ming Dynasty it entered mature stage and it had more development after the Qing Dynasty. But the really bright color is still rare because of its complex production process.

   Under glaze red is mostly gray in the Yuan Dynasty. Most products are bowls and tanks. Common ornaments are wrapped lotus, wrapped peony, grass leaves and so on. There are patterns such as character stories, animals and fishes as decoration.

   In Hongwu years of the Ming Dynasty, under glaze red is more popular, getting great development. At this time, the color of under glaze red is light red with gray. The surface of artifacts has decorative patterns. In addition to bottles and pots, the shapes also have plates, bowls, cans and so on. The oornaments are mostly line-based. There are patterns such as wrapped chrysanthemum, wrapped peony and wrapped lotus as decoration, which is relatively simple compared with the Yuan Dynasty. In early Hongwu years, most products are black and red, and in the late, they are pure red. The products are large with simple and ancient style, rich