The History of Ru Porcelain

    Ru porcelain, named for the products produced in Ruzhou, is the focus of the protection of the state. The time of making Ru porcelain is very short, therefore its commercial and artistic value is very high.

    Ru Porcelains' development can be divided into five different periods:

    Stage 1: In the early northern song dynasty, Ru Porcelain began to be produced. The design of the product was relatively simple and it did not have too much decoration. But the glaze was shiny, it already had the basic characteristics of Ru porcelains.

    Stage 2: In the middle of the northern Song Dynasty, Ru porcelains began to develop. The products were abundant in shape and tried to pay attention to the porcelain decorative effect.

    Stage 3: In the late Northern of Song Dynasty, this period is the heyday of porcelain production. The products enjoy a high reputation, so they gained the appreciation of the court of the Northern Song Dynasty. There is a special porcelain color, more exquisite technology and excellent products.

    Stage 4:  In the Jin Dynasty, due to the confrontation between Song and Jin, most of the Ru porcelain in the central plains had stopped burning. After the restoration of porcelain, the products were not good. The decoration is simple and they could only fire the general glaze products.

    Stage 5: Yuan dynasty is the declining period of Ru porcelain. After the war between Yuan and Jin, the Yuan Dynasty continued to restore Ru porcelains' production . However, due to the trauma of war and the loss of technology , the porcelain products are thicker and thick.

    Ru porcelain inherited the traditional culture of the Chinese nation and had the strong china characteristics. Ru porcelain is one of the important cultural powers of our country, we should vigorously promote the development of porcelain culture and try our best to help China porcelain back to the top of the world.