The Legend, Beauty's Sacrifice

    The Porcelain of beauty's sacrifice, also is called red porcelain. Although they have different names, it indeed refers to the same Porcelain. There is still another legend it is about the precious porcelain among the sacrificing porcelains in the ancient time. Therefore, it is also called sacrificing red. The color of sacrificing red glaze is delicate and bright. With its slightly bright color, its glaze  belongs to the top grade. The most precious glaze color is the sacrificing red produced in the Ming dynasty. There is also a legend about the beauty's sacrifice in the folk.

    It is said that in the Ming dynasty, the royal Kiln factory received the emperor's decree. The decree indicated the factory should produce the scarlet porcelain. Therefore, the factory manager commanded the kiln workers to fire. However, they didn't succeed after many times of tests. So the kiln workers were whipped again and again. At last, they received the command to complete the task before the deadline, otherwise they would be sent to the prison or even be sentenced to death. Therefore, all the kiln workers were in fear without good diet and sound sleep.

    There was a veteran kiln worker. When he came home, he sighed heavily. His sole daughter asked him: "Daddy, what bothered you?". At the beginning, he didn't want to tell her. He finally confided his worry as for her daughter's repeatedly asking. Then his daughter also became worry as him. His daughter was very smart and knew some knowledge about firing. Then she asked her father: "You know the exact reason for your failure after so many times of unsuccess?”. The veteran kiln workers answered: "Not yet, but it is probably about the not high temperature for firing. It is hard to improve the firing temperature.” This clever girl consoled his father to have a good rest. Actually, she deeply thought for the whole night.

    In the next day, the veteran kiln worker earlier went to work. Meanwhile, his smart daughter thought a good idea. It was nearly at noon that she came to the kiln after her carefully makeup, with excuse of calling on her father. She saw all workers doing work. And with frown, her father stared at the kiln fire, looking anxious. As his daughter quietly stood beside him, her father didn't detect. Suddenly, there was a kiln worker shouted "Manager, the fire has not been burned up, how to do?." Before her father answered, a voice of "Go away" was spread. At that moment when all shocked, his daughter had jumped into the door of kiln with a red light. When the veteran kiln worker and others all came back to life, there appeared raging fire in the kiln with burning up. All workers couldn't help crying , weeping bitterly. Although the veteran worker's daughter sacrificed, the porcelains of this time were extremely successful. When opening the door of the kiln, each scarlet, glittering and translucent porcelain  was presented. It was seemed that the young girl's blood tinted the porcelains. In memory this girl, people called the porcelain the beauty's sacrifice. Meanwhile, as this red glaze is like girl's flush after drinking, people also call it beauty's drunk.