The perseverance is a belief--a ceramic master's porcelain firing career

Autumn is good. If you are still there.

Every piece of Porcelain is the pursuit of itself.

Every Kiln is a yearning for the old craftsmanship.

The best weather of Ruzhou in a year is October, there's warmed sun during the day and a cool breeze during the night. The frogs were quiet, and the little wild cat had grown up, staring at everything with green eyes and flying and climbing.

When I arrived, I stood for a moment in the empty yard. A black butterfly rested on my shoulder for a few seconds. And it seemed that the seconds have been enchanted by it, and in a flash time lost its passage.

Today we come to the place where Ru kiln was born with a camera

And use camera to record the Porcelain firing process of ru kiln

"All the same color before kiln, and multicolored after the kiln"

Before the come out of kiln, no one knows the result, even the most experienced master cannot guarantee that the kiln can come out a few treasures.

The porcelain linger to this day.

Not just because of its exquisite shape.

It is also because of its superb craftsmanship.

The warm breeze was blowing, and it was autumn. The maple leaves outside the window were swaying in the wind. It's the best time of the year.

The discharging of Ru porcelain is a long process.

Several old masters were smoking at the mouth of the kiln.

Look at the clear sky and hoping that today the porcelain will discharge safely.

When burning porcelain, you need to keep watching, keep adding wood, and observing the temperature.

Keep the temperature of the kiln at more than a thousand degrees.

This is a mood of greeting a new baby. The green bodies have. undergone many difficulties from clay to art or to a bowl, but they still made it finally.

The whole firing process requires sufficient firewood,

And it must be a combination of pine and other wood,

The workers needed to prepare the firewood in advance.

And dry in the sun.

The firing needs more than 20 masters to complete together,

A total of 30 hours' continuous firing

When to add wood,

When to discharging,

These all have a very particular time.

But like a lot of craft,

This craft is gradually forgotten.

Wood burning is a kind of beauty that is formed by fire. As long as you observe it, the color, shape, and texture of the work after kiln will vary widely

Firewood is an ancient method of firing porcelain with wood as the main fuel. When firing, cover porcelain body, and separate wood ash from fire to avoid direct contact with it. Making sure the glaze color is consistent. If there is glaze ash or traces of a fire, the porcelain is not appreciated in the ancient society, and would recognize it as a "defect".

Although UNESCO declared Ru porcelain a “World intangible cultural heritage

I don't think it's enough.

I hope the craft can be preserved through my own practice,

And pass on it to more people,

And let more people learn the most traditional firing method of Ru porcelain,

And the most beautiful jade-like Ru porcelain.

We also admire electric kiln firing method, but we can't change our own. The Ru kiln represents the ceramic history of ru porcelain. I hope more people will see it in the future. Our predecessors fire the world-famous, exquisite porcelain right in this kiln".

The firelight was shining with the kiln workers alternate operation, and everyone's face was blackened. A white-haired old master said, "I don’t mind that at all! As long as this kiln is here, our hearts will be steadfast."