The unique magnetic state kiln

    Magnetic state Kiln is one of the famous Porcelain kilns in Northern song dynasty,which is national cultural heritage conservation board. There are two places of kiln sites.One is located on the magnetic county in the observation deck town , and the other is located from the south of the scenic area to the water town in South Xiang Tang Si.

    Magnetic state kiln is a famous folk Porcelain kiln in china. In Sui dynasty, the production of celadon was started, and in Song dynasty, the porcelain technology of the magnetic state kiln had reached its peak. Since Song dynasty ,the magnetic state kiln had been producing the porcelain from Yuan dynasty to Qing dynasty .With its unique characteristics, such as the variety ,larger output,the distinctive characters between national porcelain and the local porcelain,magnetic state kiln has formed a unique magnetic state kiln system, which occupies an important position in the history of Chinese ceramics. With the development of magnetic state kiln ,its porcelain technology was widely spread throughout China and abroad.

On May 8, 2002, the director of the museum in Osaka, Japan, visited handan. During a visit to the magnetic state kiln show, he was surprised to find the ancient bowels, which is the same as an old bowl in Japan.And the old bowl in Japan is the symbol of Japanese tea culture .What’s amazing is that the porcelain bowl of Japan always believed that it was introduced to Japan from the Korean dynasty. The magnetic state kiln is an outstanding representative of the ancient northern Chinese kilns, which has the decorative art of the contrast of black and white.And the unique burning technology of the magnetic state kiln has had an important influence on the development of the ceramics industry in northern China,which  enjoyed great reputation that "the famous southern porcelain places is Jingde, and the northern porcealin places is Pengcheng".