The World of Jian Bowl

In the middle of the eleventh century, the song dynasty was a great time for the tea ceremony. At that time the tea-competition was very popular among the rich people with a strong feature of flaunt. The outcomes was influenced by two aspects: one is tea soup,namely the color of tea, and the other is soup bubble.

Time-honoured history

At that time, the people usually used the Jian bowl that was produced in Fujian to join the tea-competition. Burned from ninth century, Jian bowl has been boomed from ten century to eleventh century, but it was declined in twelfth century. As the custom of drinking tea has changed and the wars were frequent, the Jain bowl gradually began to decline. 

Starry glaze 

The most charming feature of Jian bowl lies in its shiny black glaze. The starry glaze not only enhance the lovely tea soup, but also bring a lot of fun to the tea drinker. Besides another attractive feature is its delicate pattern delivering a strong artistic charm.

Enhance tea flavor

It is said that Jian bowl can improve the taste of tea. There is a saying: "Boiled with iron kettle, the tea drinker would use the Ru teapot to brew tea, and use the Jian bowl to drink tea." Many tea companions share a common feeling. When you use the Jian bowl to hold the liquid such as liquor, beer, red wine, boiled water, mineral water, coffee, etc., you will find it more sweeter. Drinking tea with Jian bowl, you will feel the fragrance and smooth taste. 

Beneficial for health

It is good for your body Health to drink tea with Jian bowl. The high proportion of iron elements in Jian bowl can continuously release ferrous ions during use and absorb chloride ions in the water. These trace elements are easily absorbed by the human body, thereby increasing the function of hemoglobin carrier and erythrocyte, which can prevents anemia, high blood pressure and regulate the body's central nervous system. In addition, it is also beneficial to the balance of the endocrine system, and it can inhibit the environment on which bacteria rely to survive, playing a bactericidal effect.

To taste the tea is to taste the life and universe. Jian bowl looks simple but gorgeous, mediocre but dazzling, and it is the porTrayal of human's life. At the high temperature, innumerable tiny ions are aggregated together through thousands of obstacles to form the amazing Jian bowl, which also represents the formation mechanism of the universe.

Can you see the world in the Jian bowl?