Thousand Years of Entanglement Between Jian Bowl and Tea

As the teaware, Jian bowl is just like a lover who has broken up with tea-drinker. Their relationship sometimes is intimate and sometime is strange. What's the relationship between the Jian bowl and tea? We also know that water is the mother of tea and teaware is the father of tea. As the famous teaware, Jian bowl has witnessed many dynasties, writing the glorious history of tea bowls. Nowadays, as the tea culture trends to be diversified, whether the uneven fate of tea can receive the new opportunity or not?

As the mother of Porcelains, the green Porcelains has a long history, beginning from the Shang Dynasty. To the Sui Dynasty and Tang Dynasty, as the White porcelains and green porcelains had spread to the folk, their craftsmanship had reached the peak. In the song dynasty, the firing technique had received great achievements. The firing technique of the white and green porcelains, originating from the Sui Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty, has achieved the great development in the Song Dynasty. 

However, at that time the black porcelains with quick development became the mainstream trend in the Song Dynasty. 

In fact, the black porcelains began in the Eastern Han Dynasty and its craftsmanship had basically formed in the Tang Dynasty. To the Song Dynasty, blessing with the drinking tea style, the black porcelains had become “the famous teawares” at that time.  

Jian bowls in the Song Dynasty had pure disposition, incomparably. The patterns of oil-drop spots, rabbit-fur wire and pure black glaze were created as the special decoration effect. Fambe is completely natural with different changes. Every fambed product is unique. There are various patters of fambed glaze, such as the oil-drop, rain-drop, fish-scale and rabbit-fur shapes. All these glaze changes show a marvellous scene. 

The beauty of Jian porcelains is unique. When we savor the beauty of Jian porcelains, what we should focus on is its connotation and temperament but not its facade. Differing from the traditional light and transparent porcelains, Jian bowls has deep color and thick form, clumsily and elegantly. The same ceramic body, glaze ingredients and craftsmanship can produce completely different porcelains. It is just the naturally fambed and unique porcelains that were highly praised by people in Chinese traditional culture.

Japanese are fully fond of Jian bowls, regarding them as the best. A piece of Jian bowls called “fambed Tianmu bowl” is collected in the Tokyo Museum of Japan. It is said that this bowl was taken there by a temple monk learning the Buddhist in the Northern Song Dynasty. The fambed Tianmu bowl can change its color according to the different direction of light reflection. If you vertically look at this bowl, its spots are blue; if you view it by strabismus, its spots show gold. The fambed Tianmu porcelains are regarded as supreme treasures in the worldwide ceramic history.  

Nowadays, the excellent Jian bowls have a variety of shapes. Their surface have three-dimensional sense with different changes. Their color can change with the different intensity of the light. If you carefully savor the glaze, you will feel its quiet and modest mystery and beauty. Its temperature is just like the orchid and completely in line with tea disposition, nobly and elegantly.